New Denuvo Version Protecting Injustice 2 Has Been Cracked by Voksi

Just recently a single guy named Voksi was able to crack the latest Denuvo build to date. Denuvo v4.9 (as called by the cracker) is the latest build also used in Injustice 2 game which has been cracked as well.

Denuvo is perhaps the strongest Anti-Tamper solution right now protecting the PC Games against piracy with its ever changing code with each game. Puyo Puyo Tetris was the first cracked game from Voksi that used Denuvo x64 v4.9. Only 4 days later, a crack appeared for the popular game Injustice 2.

Protection: Denuvo v4.9 x64 + Custom + Anti-Debug

Steam emu used: CODEX

Voksi is currently releasing several cracks for Denuvo protected games so there is no doubt that the coders behind Denuvo might want to improve with the code at this point as they always did in the past.


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