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Silent Hills P.T. is fully playable on PC now

Now PC gamers can feel the similar creepy aesthetic setting of PlayStation Exclusive Silent Hills. It was a big hit and revolutionised the first person horror genre with its unsettling and creepy experience. A lot of PS4 users were able to experience the game but it was ultimately removed from PlayStation Store.

Qimsar is a redditor who apparently remade the Silent Hills Playable Teaser (P.T.) on PC says he is using “almost 100% of the original assets” to give the exact creepy, unsettling and surprising jump scares. PC remake is pretty accurate to the PS4 exclusive demo.


Although the game is fully playable right now, Qimsar points out that its still a work in progress. Some of the parts are still rough and not fully tested. So to improve on that, Qimsar is inviting people who can help on the animation, movements and other parts of the game.

You can visit the reddit post and gamejolt (for download). Hopefully no legal actions are taken against this beautiful project to keep alive one of the scariest game ever for everyone.


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