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Top 5 Ways To Protect Eyes While Gaming

We all know our eyes are getting affected in a bad way everytime we play games on PC or consoles. It can lead to bigger problems like sore eyes, dry eyes, watering eyes, blurred vision to headaches as doctors calls it Computer Vision Syndrome.

So here are the top 5 ways to protect eyes while playing video games :-

1. F.lux

F.lux is a software thats adapts the colour of your computer screen to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

It mainly protects your eyes after afternoon or night. Computer screen emits bright blue light which is fine for the daytime but at night it can cause problems because it limits the secretion of sleep hormone which in result will disturb your sleep-wake cycle.

But it reduce eye strain and protect your eyes during the night time when you are using the computer by lowering the brightness and adapting the colour of screen to the night and afterall its all automatic, you dont have to do anything

f.lux side by side

Image Source: BusinessInsider

2. Don’t Play in Dark

Don’t try to play in dark as it will put too much strain into your eyes which can lead to blurred vision, watery eyes and headaches. Always switch on the lights while playing or switch on some lamps around your PC or console to lighten the area a little bit. This helps to keep lights at some constant levels so that your eyes doesn’t have to adjust a lot in case of changing colors while gaming. Its known that blue light coming from these devices can reach deeper into your eyes and have damaging effects. Or if you prefer lights off then make sure you reduce the brightness to the lowest possible level, this will help you to protect eyes from strain.


3. Take Break while Gaming

Playing for too long can also damage your eyes because constant staring at computer screen for too long can put stress and strain to your eyes which can lead to eye twitching, red eyes and headaches collectively called Computer Eye Strain. It occurs due to glare because of the game screen being too bright or too dark constantly. Watery eyes after long gaming sessions are indications that you need to take a break. So after playing for 1 hour take a short break and then play again


4. Reduce Brightness and Contrast

Reduce the brightness and contrast of your computer screen and your in-game brightness until you find the perfect spot where your eyes are comfortable while looking at the screen.


5. Keep Yourself in Correct Position

Keep yourself atleast 1 arm away from computer screen as it will reduce the load on our eyes. Also make sure that you have a proper centerised view at your computer screen so that your eye muscles doesn’t have to constantly work to hold the eyes in the correct position to view the monitor. This helps to reduce the eye strain.

Please note that above methods are completely free but you can always go ahead and buy gaming glasses or monitors specifically designed to protect eyes while gaming.


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